Sunday, August 19, 2012


So the first day I got here the camera on my phone stopped working. This is half the reason I have not posted about Edinburgh because posts without pictures are boring. The other reason would be AB1, animal body one. I HATED not having a camera to capture my time spent in London. It was a great little side trip. Here is a little summary of my life in Edi so far:

First few days:

-Within landing, customs, leaving my luggage at a fellow students apartment and checking into my hostel I lost my passport. Not the best way to start a trip...the next couple of days in London I was calling baggage services like all the time and cab companies I had ridden in but nothing. Do you know how much a replacement visa costs? 200 pounds!! That's a lot. That doesn't even include the passport! So thank goodness 2 days later it was found by someone in my friend's apartment building and they posted a found sign. Phew...I didn't really tell many people about this because I was so in denial.

-4 hour train ride and I was in London! I went right to the Olympic park area and was blown away with how many athletes were just walking around in their team gear. I basically just sat around and goggled at everyone. The next day I rented one of the Barclays City bikes for 1 pound and just rode wherever I pleased, getting lost in London and stopping for snacks and lattes. You can drop the bikes back off at any of the rental spots around the city and just check another one out from wherever with the same unlock code for the whole day. For 1 "quid" (I hate that word....) BEST VALUE EVER.

-Made my way to Hyde park and biked part of the Olympic tri course which was awesome. The women's race was the next day so it was all set up. Then there was a hugeeeee area of the park closed off where you could go in and watch live coverage on one of 5 big screens while lounging in the grass with a ton of Team GB fans so I did this for the afternoon and it was enjoyable. Then a like band from Clemson was playing on one of the stages??!? So random.

-Stumbled upon a booth with an endless pool, tri bike and treadmill set up where they were holding a mini triathlon! It was for the ITU federation or whatever it is called. So I had to do it. They gave me a bathing suit so I jumped in the pool, swam until it got too fast, biked as hard as I could for 3 minutes then ran as far as I could in 3 minutes. It was so fun and by the end the people that were watching were all cheering and it was hilarious. Part of me was like omg don't look at me I am running in a bathing suit on a treadmill at high speed my thighs must be like doing the wave...not attractive. The other part was like this is awesome!! My bathing suit was the UK flag. Great.

-That night I just went back to the Olympic village area and hung out more, sad that I had to leave the next day but excited to be able to explore Edinburgh! I had also just found out my passport was in good hands, so it was a nice night :)


-Love it, have a place to move into Sept 1st with 3 roommates, I get some ocean vistas on my longer runs, professors are awesome, campus has like ridiculous views of hills all in the background, people say "Hiya" to say hello. I made a good decision coming here.

Will post more later. The hindlimb bones, nerves and muscles of the dog are calling my name :)

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