Thursday, December 15, 2011

Burned Cookies

So I tried to make cookies for 2 of my friends that are in finals week right now. Attempt number one with chocolate chip:
The worst part was that I was simultaneously cooking shrimp and veggies with marsala so it smelled terrible in my apartment. I was literally falling asleep as I baked these because my workouts that day and little sleep had left me so tired. So last night I tried again, this time with aluminum foil lining one pan and a silicone cookie liner on the other. I even rolled the cookies in festive holiday sprinkles this time and was going to give a batch to my coach for his BDay as well. Result:

Burned sugar cookies. Which smelled even worse than the chocolate chip ones. Guess I need to use a different oven. Or try to be more like Foodie Girl!

My apartment still smells like burned cookies. Guess I will try something for them on the stove top tonight: Rice Crispie treats!

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Foodie Girl said...

HAHA! Oh this was great. And what a shout-out! Thanks sister :)