Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It is always difficult to find a swimming pool when traveling. While staying with my friend JKB outside of the city in Pound Ridge we had to trick a very nice woman named Joan or something into thinking we were actually interested in membership so that I could get a swim in. So I walked away with not only a free swim but a really nice folder detailing all the membership benefits awaiting me. We found a back exit so we did not have to pass her desk on the way out. The pool ended up being nice but foggy and super warm. There were def things growing in that water but it allowed me the 30 minute swim I needed.

Swimming is the one of the 3 disciplines that I hate to slack on because my form suffers so quickly since I was never on a swim team growing up. I loose a feel for the water about an hour after I get out of the pool as it is. My ears were still hurting though and once in the city I wasn't going to bed early thanks to fun outings and Broadway plays (yay best NY hosts ever). 
Christmas market near Bryant Park

Me and some big building...

THE BEST Salvation Army JINGLERS ever. They danced with bells the whole time. I totally would have given then money but I only had a $10...and I'm too cheap to give that bill up.

The view from my b-fri's apartment. IT IS GORGEOUS but she is beyond jaded by it. She says "oh yeah, the sunset is pretty...."

Yeah, it's pretty.

I got to CLM for a super quick visit again because she came into the city with some friends in her school program. We honestly had the most FREE fun here by the tree, where we got to watch skaters of all ages fall on the ice or show off their non-existent moves while drinking hot C from magnolias. 

Pretty nice tree. I'm glad I didn't have to put the lights on that thing.

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