Saturday, January 14, 2012

Perfect Day

I love the holidays BUT I must admit I am glad that they are over. I do much better when I can get my sleep, have fewer obligations, and there is not candy and chocolate around every corner. I am also excited for the new year because my training has picked up a bit and I am feeling much more like I am devoting my "training time" not only to swimming, biking and running but also to recovering, eating and sleeping.

This past week I had a few glorious days where I fit all my work outs in complete with naps and even a massage. Here are some recaps of what I have discovered make a perfect day:

Day 1:
Wake up 5 am for swim practice
Swim 4200m (these practices are usually pretty challenging)
Eat: 3 egg whites and 1 egg scrambled with cheddar cheese, oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries, walnuts and chia seeds
Go back to bed!!!!
Wake up ~2 hours later
Bike at 10:15 for 2 hours (a power work out on the CompuTrainer)
Refuel with some food
Ice Bath

Relax the rest of the day!

Day 2:
Wake up ~7 am
Run 5.5 miles at the YMCA on the indoor track
Snack on the way to the CompuTrainer
Bike 2 hours with power efforts
Massage at Noon!!
Watch TV and relax

It is just so wonderful to get my training out of the way in the morning and really let my body recover from my work outs. I am not minding this schedule at all!

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