Thursday, March 15, 2012

Butter Made Better...for reals

Irrelevant fact: the word butter comes from a latinisation of the Greek word bouturon (feels good to say that word) which means "cow-cheese"; I loved this phrase as well. Cow cheese.

Butter is good. My sister and I always talk about how we used to eat pats of butter from my grandmothers fridge...that doesn't appeal to me now but I wont deny that I did it. Now something that I love more than butter is any type of  butter made from almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts....the list goes on. Not this type....

That is, the stick type. That's disgusting and it would never spread smoothly on that bread unless it was warm.

Anyways I have been eating a lot of the Justin's packets of almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter during the day and they really are so good. The grocery sells little 1 serving packs and they are perfect to throw in the purse.
My fav is chocolate hazelnut
SOOOO good.

The other day my mom made a discovery at Whole Foods! It's called PB2 and it is pretty great. It is peanut butter in powdered form! They basically crush and squeeze the peanuts to get rid of all of the oils and fats. A lot of these fats are healthy but a lot of them are not. Then you can use this powder in so many things. I have had it in a smoothie, oatmeal, and, my fav, 2 scoops with coconut milk after a workout. The kind I have has cocoa powder in it, so that adds antioxidants and wonderful flavor making it a great treat. You can also just add a bit of water and make peanut butter! Just reconstituted.

So this is super yummy and I highly recommend it. Sometimes peanut butter hurts my stomach because it can be too heavy but this stuff is perfect.

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Foodie Girl said...

You should definitely work 'cow cheese' into the discussion at dinner tonight... I am confident it will be a big hit!