Thursday, March 1, 2012

Impending 5K

First race of the season will be this weekend! Well, this is only sort of a is just a 5K so no triathlons yet but they are fast approaching. Coach recommended I do some early season road races to take a peak at where my fitness/speed is leading into the last few months of training for my first REAL big race. I must admit I am pretty excited for this one and have a goal time in mind. I have not done an open 5K for a few years so I am hoping to shave a few seconds off!

The course is right downtown, outside the door of my sister's apartment so it is pretty ideal. I have been doing my hill repeats at a pace right around where I want to average for the 5K so I know what it is suppose to feel like. This was not very comforting today while I was doing those repeats and knew it would be similar but without the nice, leisurely 6 minute downhill cool down between the 1k's. This distance is tricky because it gets very painful but the whole time you are racing, you are telling yourself how little you have left. I'm sure my mental strength will be challenged during this one...I will just have to kick it into high gear and try to have fun!

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Foodie Girl said...

We can't wait to see you!!! You'll be awesome!