Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting into Tucson!

Where to begin! I had such a wonderful time out in Arizona for the training camp. They truly treated us like VIPs. I got into Tucson on Wednesday and had till the next Tuesday to hammer myself into the ground; considering that I was only able to run 0.8 miles before walking on my last day in town (due to pure tired-ness, not injury) I think I was successful! I had gotten up at about 5 on Tuesday to get to my 6:30 am flight and after 2 flights landed in Tucson at about 10 am. I had strict instructions not to work out. Blah. This was definitely for the best as I was coming off of a hard build week. I was itching to get out into the warm desert and all of the mountains around me anyways so after getting my car and lounging in the hotel for a bit I went out to Sabino Canyon to just walk around. 

Two words: cactus and mountains. Just all around! It was super pretty. I was ravenous for no good reason and got some food at an organic vegan grill that was really good and waited for my roommate, Michelle, from Illinois to get in. I met Michelle at Worlds in Budapest, Hungary, after our race and she also happened to be on the TriSports team. It was really nice to have a familiar face around.

Thursday we woke up and I went back out to Sabino canyon to do some running. I had 6 efforts to do at my 10K pace. The canyon is at about 3,000 feet which isn’t much but enough to inhibit me from making my times on the last 2 efforts. 
I found some bunnies on my way out!

This was going to be a challenging week for sure…after this we found a local pool, swam outside and then grabbed some food and headed back to the hotel to lounge before heading over to TriSports to check in and get our welcome packets. Man did they welcome us well!!! They gave me a Cervelo P2 to ride for the weekend along with tons of stuff in these great TYR transition bags (these bags have a 3 minute YouTube video to explain how to use them).

It was a lot of fun to open everything. Jaclyn, our sponsorship coordinator who is awesome and hilarious gave us an awesome dinner recommendation so after filling up on Mexican food we headed to bed to get ready to face Mount Lemmon the next day!

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