Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And More Tucson...

Almost done with my Tucson recap....I just don't want to forget any of the fun times we had!

Saturday we had to get up early to meet at the store for some team pics and to leave for our "secret workout". We ended up riding around for about an hour and a half before arriving at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) which was a super nice huge place with a pretty sweet pool. 

After riding around for quite awhile to get there I was feeling pretty miserable. I think I was just tired and my hand was sore from falling on it and trying to hold onto my bike. I got into even more of a rut when I was told we were going to do a mini triathlon! OH JOY! I was already signed up for a local race the next day and when I heard we would be racing at the JCC I told myself I didn't have to race the next day anymore...I was too tired and mentally down to handle it. Hoping my mood was being influenced by blood sugar I downed some Clif Bloks and what do you know, I was actually feeling alright after all! Funny what food can do :)

Jaclyn, our sponsorship coordinator, giving us the run down. I look oh-so-excited!

So we started: 800 swim, 2 loops of the bike course they created (made extra complicated because the roads were not closed so you could put a big lead onto someone and then the light changes to red and you sit there letting them catch up) making 16 miles, then a 5K. My swim was alright but I accidentally swam 50 extra. Oh well! The bike was fun and more like playing frogger. I made sure to keep some of my teammates in sight because I had no idea where I was and could not remember where we were suppose to turn. By the time I got to the run it was soo hot out and I knew I had a race to do the next day so I just brought it in at a nice pace. I luckily won for the women on the team so I got $50 to use at TriSports!

Running form: HORRENDOUS. Considering how I was feeling though, I will let this slide :)

I was very happy when this surprise workout was over and ready to go put my legs up for a little bit before the big party! I only ended up getting a little relaxation time because when we got back to the store the EXPO was set up! So many vendors to see and products to drool over. 

Once I got nice and cleaned up we headed back to TriSports for the awesome party. They had tons of food stations set up (my fav being the gelato and mashed potato bars) and after some speeches they gave us some poker chips and had black jack, poker and other gambling tables set up. It was a really fun night and I had no problem forgetting about the race coming the next day and having fun!

**Thanks to for these pictures, taken from their Facebook page

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