Thursday, June 14, 2012

TriSports SALE!!

Oh hey there blog. I sort of miss you only because it is nice to have a record of my activities. I will go back to recording training stuff after I tell you about this awesome SALE!!

SO is having an insiders only sale until midnight tonight (June 14th!)! The only people getting this deal are people that know TriSports athletes and it is only for these couple of days!


Go use the code ASTEW-S to purchase some wonderful goods at 25% off. Here are some of my fav things:
ZOOT Women's Performance 2" Short
These shorts are short enough for me! Being a shorty I love my running shorts nice and short so I feel speedy.

I also love....
The Grid

 The Grid is super special because it can inflict a lot of good good pain. I used mine just last night to roll the legs out after a tough bike work out.
I love this stuff over a body glide or vaseline because it is very easy to spray down in running shoes or bike shoes rather than getting it all over your hands while trying to get it into shoes.


GO!!!! SHOP!! 

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