Thursday, September 27, 2012

Norway Getaway

Not long after we arrived and started classes two of my friends and I bought super cheap round trip tickets to Oslo for the weekend after our first exams. We booked a hotel the day before we left after realizing that when Ryan Air says "Oslo Torppe" as the airport, this is not Oslo. This is 2 hours AWAY from Oslo. Due to our short time there and early Sunday morning flight we deicded to stay in the old whaling town, much closer to the airport, called Sandefjord.

All we really wanted was an escape after all of our studying and exam taking and this is exactly what we got. I went for a nice run on Saturday morning and was snapped some shots of the town and also climbed this rock with hiking trails to look over the city.

The houses and architecture here made everything so cute and quiant. I know my dad would have appreciated it!

This was next to a gorgeous cemetery but I didn't think that would be appropriate to take a pic of.
Can't make it out in this picture but this woman had 2 small King Charles and they were ADORABLE. Made me think of my neph-fur, Nicholas.

We spent the day shopping around and I made sure to stop for hot drinks when I wanted to. We also got some waffles on the street from these girls and got some free ones from our hotel. So good. 

Since we were in an old whaling town it was only appropriate that our hotel carried a whale theme.  The carpeting was pictures of whales and they had bones, baleen, models and all sorts of whale related ridiculousness everywhere. Including a very very detailed model of a whaling enterprise at sea!
Notice the guts and jaw

This thing was not lacking in detail :)
After exhausting ourselves shopping it was time for Oktoberfest! Norway style. We had heard about a beer fest going on and saw the tent during the day so headed over that night. It was amazing. It was a mini Oktoberfest full of ridiculousness, spilt beer and peanuts. Comparing this to Oktoberfest in Munich 2010 that I went to it was almost as fabulous. Just had to remember to say Skola! instead of Cheers! or Prost! We sat with some random guys and fit right in! It was so much fun. Not fun getting up early the next morning to catch our flight...but totally worth it. 

I love Norway and cannot wait to go back. Everyone there was beautiful and there were definitely tons of blonde people there.

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