Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Pipers

On my long rides here with some of the guys from the triathlon club I have been lucky enough to hear some Scottish tales.


So one Sunday we rode down to a town called Peebles and then through some gorgeous lands to a town called Innerleithen. Here we stopped for a coffee at a local cafe and it was so nice to get some caffeine but getting going again was sort of awful...eek.

BUT My cycling buddy started telling me tales that distracted me from my frozen toes and hands.

So there goes a tale that there was a piper who was in a pub in Peebles one night and made a bet with his buddies that he could walk to Innerleithen all while pipping a different tune on his pipes. This is a pretty far way....but he must have been a hardy bloke cause to ensure he did not win the bet his friends punctured a hole in his piping bag so he would not make it! Turns out they were major jerks because since he couldn't use his pipes correctly on his journey through the hills he got too winded pipping and DIED! So the hills are now called the pipers in his memory. They were very pretty to bike through. 
Just us and the open roads through the dead piper lands!

This sort of shows my fav part about the landscape here; there are so many colors of grass which gives the countryside quite the quilted look. 

Those small white specs are sheep. One of the best parts of the ride was getting to a section where there were LITERALLY no cars, people or anything and just a babbling stream and SHEEP with no fences or gates. We had to yell at them to get off of the road. My riding buddies had me yelling "SHEEP ON THE ROAD!" and it was pretty funny. 

Yeah my eyes are closed.

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Foodie Girl said...

Haha! I love this! And what a sort of random, morbid, awesome tale :) I can't wait to come see you and for you to show me Scotland!!!