Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks Arthur!

One of my favorite spots in this city is right next to my apartment. It is Arthur’s seat and I have written about it before but thought I would post some proper pictures from one of my runs there. I had to do some research on the name and apparently there are some disagreements but the name probably comes from king Arthur. It is some old volcanic rock and it’s forming also involved glaciers at some point (all over my head) but bottom line is it is an amazing addition to the city because it is covered with trails and hiking spots right in town. 

I think that's Prince Harry in the window!

It is about 833 ft tall so easy to climb and always covered with humans and dogs like any time of the day, dark or light out. There are also playing fields and a lot of grassy areas all around it and some little ponds around making it gorgeous. It is also right next to Holyrood palace, which is where the royal family gets to stay when they come to Scotland. It’s very petty. You can also get amazing panoramic views from not very high up of the city, the Pentland hills and other hill ranges and the ocean. What’s not to love!

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