Monday, November 5, 2012

say WHAT? I'm doing WHAT?

I'm not quite sure what is going on. I have been wrapped up in a haze of note cards, books, posters and papers about worms, bacteria and as one of my professors calls them, "li-l nastys". I am going slightly crazy as our exam is about 4 weeks away and I am already BURNT OUT of studying. Someone needs some motivation and a kick in the pants.

So right now I am so thankful that I planned to go race 70.3 Lanzarote this coming weekend. The only problem is how removed I feel from all things triathlon right now ha so that needs to change. I was training so well and feeling very good about things until I got sick about 2.5 weeks ago and since then have been riding a sin wave of I FEEL GREAT! Right back down to ummm I might faint, I'm tired from the swim warm up, I can't bike over 30 watts without feeling crap and snot rocketing all over myself. Hello doctor tomorrow!

Sickness be darned I will soon be in the sunshine. Which will be much appreciated as the sun set at 4:30 in Scotland today. JOY! I am actually very excited to race and ready for the mental challenge ahead. It is so different from the discipline needed to sit and study parasites and I am ready for that challenge. I think sometimes I race better when I go into races without focusing on them too much before.

I am also excited to see what this race is all about as I have heard some epic stories about the wind and long arduous climbs. I just hope my quads decide to show up on race day. If not it is going to be a longggggg day out there.

One quick story on parasites because I love this:

So there is this worm, a fluke to be exact, that has the most ridiculous life. So this worm is poo-d out in eggs from like a sheep, then it develops a bit, hatches out and within 3 hours has to find water and a snail. The snail says oh lunch!, eats the little larvae worm and in the snail, it again matures, then it is excreted in these slime balls from the snail....disgusting. THEN an ant comes along and says dinner! The ant eats the slime balls and unfortunately gets a brain disease from his supper which makes him be a dummy and climb to the top of a blade of grass so he can be an easy target FOR A SHEEP! which eats the ant/worm larvae and there you go, life cycle complete. 

Crazy. So next week when my wheels are falling off I will just think of that little worm larvae, persevering through all those stages. Heck, just like a triathlon!

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Good luck!