Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm A Belieber (sometimes...)

Sometimes my early swim practice really kicks my butt. I was OK with this today because I hadn't had a swim I felt good about since before I was sick about a month ago. So even though I refueled with a great breakfast and a Starbucks holiday-cup drink on the way to work, come noon time, tiredness settled in. My lunch time smoothie perked me up a bit but my afternoon was filled with data entry so when I returned home at about 4:30 to find Travis and a puddle of pee in my living room: I was tired. I still needed to run 7.5 miles and although it was an easy pace run it was still a run. I recharged on the couch, watching Top Chef and eating a gluten free homemade corn muffin.
These are Bob's Red Mill corn muffins, superrrr good
Then decision time: run outside in the 40 degree weather with the sun setting right as I start or run at the YMCA, the Triathlon Store or Healthworx, which all have treadmills. All of these places provide the distraction of people and TVs but I turned down all of these places and instead opted for the treadmill in my parents basement. The max speed on this bad boy is 8.0....not too impressive. What it offers me is solitude and time to decompress while doing one of my favorite things. Today I was also in need of a mental pick me up so here is my confession. One of my favorite Pandora stations is Justin Beiber.

The Beibs
How sweet does he look in those shades? Yeah he is the Beibster and ridiculous and might have a baby-mama in California or something but his music is fun to run to. I will also confess that I watched Never Say Never (the Beiber movie) on the CompuTrainer and it was good. The station on Pandora plays lots of other great running music. I like to run to complete crap music when I run because it generally has a nice fast beat and gets me going. Thanks to this station I had a really fun run and because I had the whole place to myself I might just have sang along to some of the tunes :) I may be lame for giving into the Beib-Vibe but he sure did brighten my afternoon today. It also reminded me that even when I am tired from work, working out generally makes me feel loads better.


Foodie Girl said...

Love this - made me laugh out loud!
Nice to know you're being honest with your followers :)

Terra said...

I actually cried watching Never Say Never for the first time. All of those little girls so happy to meet him made me cry happy tears. I'm a sap. I'm a Belieber always : )

meh said...

woah. i understand never say never. but the pandora station really blew me away. i had no idea.

Allison Huntress Stewart said...

better beliebe it :)