Sunday, November 13, 2011

Newest Project

With the warm days winding down and my day to day training and working not being too taxing I decided I was ready to foster another dog! I had been in touch with a wonderful woman heading up Kentucky Great Danes, a Great Dane rescue, so when she called with a project I jumped on the opportunity! His name was Travis and he had quite the history. She was not sure of his beginnings but he was 4 years old and at a rescue in Southern Kentucky. The person who had rescued him was not able to get any weight on him or fix his digestive problems with the resources she had available and all of the other foster cases she had to help.
November 5th

I got him on Friday, November 4th and he was a mess. He was incredibly skinny. He would need to gain 40 pounds to be healthy. He came right out of one of those commercials. My brother in law started singing "in the arms of the angels..." by Sarah McLaughlin when he saw him. It was pretty hilarious. He also has lots of scrapes and places where his coat was dry. The worst was the end of his tail; there was an open wound right at the tip. So I had my work cut out for me! The first few days went really well and he loved sleeping in my bed and on my couch. Since he had been having stomach issues and not been able to put on/keep on any weight he has a plan diet. I feed him either chicken, cheerios, beef, oatmeal, peanut butter, some milkbone dog treats or rice. He loves it all! Since he is so tall he just rests his head on the counter whenever I am cooking. I try to feed him about 4 times a day.
November 6th
He already is looking so much better and I can tell he feels better. Now whenever I get home he does a little dance in the window and looks forward to exploring outside. He is honestly the sweetest dog and very low maintenance. He either comes and stands next to you so you pet him or lays next to you on the couch. I am a sucker so he sleeps in my bed. The only bad thing are his farts. He farts very often and very loudly. I think it is hysterical but they do smell pretty bad sometimes. The 4th night I had him he was farting so loudly he woke me up.
His old-man-rice-on-nose face
He likes to sleep like a human
Despite the farts he is a fabulous dog and thanks to fish oil, fatty hamburger meat and lots of love and cuddling he is looking so much better The only issue we are still having is with the wound on his tail. Whenever he wags his tail and hits a wall he reopens it and sprays blood on my I have to keep it well covered.

He is already gaining weight and looking more like the big dog he is suppose to be!


Foodie Girl said...

We love you Travis!

Shari said...

tri girl forgot to mention how much Trav loves his foster grandparents...

Beth Atnip said...

I laughed out loud when I read the farting sentence! He is such a great dog, so cute!

Anna said...

Aww what a're totes going to keep him. ;)