Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick Dinner

 This past weekend I went to a Halloween party at my friend's house where she dressed up as a broccoli, her husband dressed as a carrot and they fixed some veggies and brats on the grill for everyone. I really enjoyed all of the grilled peppers but the veggie duo also took some huge portabello mushrooms and filled them with feta and tomatoes. They put them right on the grill and just let the cheese get a little melty. I don't really like portobello mushrooms; they usually freak me out and are just ew. I decided I needed to eat one since my palate needs to expand. I am so glad that I did because it was very very tasty. 

So for dinner last night I fixed myself one! I had some left over Inca red quinoa 
that I filled the mushroom with and then I sprinkled some mozzarella on top and just put it in the oven till the cheese was all melted. It was soo good. The picture above looks a bit gross but it is sitting next to my sweet potato. I usually fix a sweet potato like 3 nights/week. I just put some olive oil and sea salt on it and bake it for about 30-45 minutes. One of my favorites and so easy. I eat the skin and all, just slice it up.
While my dinner was cooking I broke up some asparagus, cut up a zucchini and some carrots and let them all cook together with a bit of olive oil. Then I added some left over satay sauce and just cooked it all down. I figured this would be good to take to work the next few days to put over some quinoa so I can get my veggies in without eating salad everyday. So I wont turn into a spinach leaf. 

That's also not all I had for dinner, I'm not one that could survive on veggies alone, that sounds awful. That was just what I got a picture of!

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