Monday, October 31, 2011

Gluten Free?

After lots of deliberation I am stilllll not sure if I should go gluten free. There are lots of conflicting articles out and I am trying to assimilate it all into a smart decision. I was set on the decision till I read an article put out by the Australian Institute of Sport. They claimed that there was no reason for anyone without a gluten allergy to go on the gluten free diet. This got me thinking for a few days until I realized the article had last been reviewed in 2009. Since gluten is such a relatively new subject in the research world I don't trust it fully. The advantages of eating gluten free are (from what I understand):

-Tend to eat less processed foods
-Less stomach upset (which I don't really get)
-Better nutrient absorption in the intestines
-Decreased inflammation

The cons of a gluten free diet:

-Difficult to find foods
-Low fiber
-Lower in some nutrients

I found a few more articles in support of a gluten free diet. An article on Expert Fitness and Nutrition Advice  goes over the benefits of a gluten free diet for anyone. She wrote this in 2011 so I am more trusting of it. She really emphasizes that the absorption is less when gluten is in the diet. I also found an interview with a professional triathlete on First Endurance who goes gluten free 24-48 hours before an event. What she says is based on advice from a nutritionist and she also says the main reason she uses this diet is because the gluten is inhibiting her body from absorbing nutrition.

So I have come to a semi-decision. Over the past week whenever I was out of my apartment I only ate whole foods. So at restaurants no breads or processed types of foods. This has been my first Halloween with my only candy being a piece of gum! In my apartment I am still eating bread from Great Harvest and some Kashi shredded wheat. I think these foods are alright. So I am going with this rule:

-eat whole foods



Anonymous said...

Actually, you will have a higher fiber diet without gluten. The idea is to increase nuts, beans, and veggies, all of which have a significant larger amount of fiber when compared to a piece of wheat bread, or wheat noodles, or whatever.

Allison Huntress Stewart said...

That is oh so true! As long as I take advantage of the variety that wont be a problem.