Monday, October 3, 2011

Gnocchi Day!

I decided to finally make some gnocchi today. I have a great vegetarian cookbook and I have been waiting to use this recipe. Since I now have extra time away from training today was the day!
I started out with 3 potatoes, baked them till they were soft and then squeezed them right out of the skins. I added an egg yolk and some salt and then combined it all with a masher. After this came the fun part. 

I started adding flour and mashing it all up with my hands till I got a nice dough. Next I rolled handfuls into ~ 1/2 inch thick ropes and cut them into pieces. 

After throwing them into salted boiling water into the fridge they went to chill for sauteing lataaaaa. I enjoy cooking but I am not very good at it. I don't know how to put like random spices and seasoning in things to make them better. Hopefully I can learn these skills now that I will have more time to do it! I will let you know how these taste and if they are any good I will post the actual recipe. 

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