Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twerkin It

Within a swim bike run mindset you move one direction. That direction is forward and sometimes as quickly as possible. Well last night I was reminded of some benefits that can come from moving your body in all different directions thanks to my first Zumba class!! IT WAS SO FUN. I took this class at Healthworx. Half the reason I had such a blast was because my instructor was the bomb and she had hips that couldn't stop moving to the music. It was actually mesmerizing to watch her work it...sounds creepy but you would agree if you saw her get down.

I had no idea what the format of this class was. All I knew was it lasted an hour and I had already hit up the rowing machine and a little bit of weights. Basically, she teaches you a new set of movements that turn into a mini choreography for each song that comes on. Since I did ballet for like 12 years I thought I would be pretty good at picking up the steps...weeelllll I was good at remembering what to do but actually doing it was a whole other issue. I can twist and kick and salsa but doing all this with a constant hip thrust is hilarious. I have honestly never felt so rhythm-less. I usually don't mind seeing myself in a mirror while working out but this was at times embarrassing. I would be trying to pop my hips then forget which direction to lock it and then she would say double time and I would just laugh and start to shake instead. It was so fun thought. I was one of 2 new people in the class and she kept smiling at me. This I appreciated but I know she was like ohhh, silly girl with no rhythm. I have rhythm I swear! Ha maybe with more experience this will come out.

We literally did a whole song of pop and locking our hips "around the world". This was NOT G rated. I was in shock at first but then just gave into the fun. We did moves called carry the candle, peek a boo hips, comb your hair back, meringue, salsa, lasso, whip, the come to me, the BAM...the list goes on.  
This was like my girl, totally awesome with us loving her from the background. There were some women in class that would scream during it and that was amazing and hilarious. At the end of each song she would do a move where she like kissed to the mirror or made her arms arch over her head and down into a pose. So stylin.

By far the best part was the end. We had been listening to rap music and lots of Sean Kingston -esque music and then one of the more vocal members of the class yells "where's my Phil Collins warm down??" and we literally warmed down to Phil Collins. Complete with the drum break through, which we played. I really liked the class. I don't think it made my heart rate get very high but I think I benefited from all the movement in the different directions. I could feel it in my knees. They are not used to this but I think it could be good over time to strengthen them!

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