Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here here heree We Go

So tomorrow is the day. I start training again! Whoopie. I have had some hard training before and expect it to get harder but the major difference for me will be my recovery plan. With a part time job and quitting one of my other jobs I think I can put together a schedule very conducive to recovering. I read in an article in Triathlete once that some professional triathletes and good/elite amateurs will put in the same number of training hours but the difference between the 2 is the recovery plan. An age grouper will most likely wake up early, get a morning work out in, quickly shower and grab a quick breakfast on the way to work. After working all day this athlete will either work out again after work or get things around the house done, go to bed late and do the whole thing again. This is the pattern I had with my training, including 3 part time jobs, plenty of house sitting and classes at UK.

Now, a pro might put in the same training hours but instead of following their morning workout session with a chaotic run to work, they will stretch, maybe do some core work, shower, get in a recovery snack, put on some compression gear, take a nap and maybe get a massage. They can take the time for their muscles to fully recovery and gain from the workout they just performed before taking on the next training session.

I am very happy that I have the opportunity to experiment with this lifestyle. Since I have been applying to veterinary school I have had to stay in school (Auburn requires it, just how it is) and this has inhibited me from getting a full time job since graduating college. This has now come as a blessing because it is much easier to train with a part time job than a 9-5er! I am very excited for the training to come and plan on taking full advantage of this opportunity. Otherwise it would be a huge waste of time.

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