Monday, October 24, 2011

Dinner on the Fly

I am now gluten free! It is exciting but I am making a slow transition because I still have 2 boxes of cereal and a loaf of bread that are not gluten free and I plan on finishing them instead of just throwing them away or letting them go to waste. I am eating gluten free outside of my apartment though and eating gluten free in my apartment besides these items. It is slowly hitting me what all I am going to have to give up when making this commitment...LHA was a little more than disappointed when he realized I could no longer indulge in cake, cookies or random deserts we come across as sweets-lovers but I assured him this does not have to effect his diet. I can also make some gluten free ones sometimes!

I hadn't really thought about some of the difficulties, like popping over to my parents house for a snack and not being able to eat the bread on the counter, the Annie's Cheddar Bunnies my mom keeps in the lazy Susan for my little cousins or the handful of cereal I like to snack on. Honestly though, this change is only for the better. It really will make me focus. I think that the more times you are tested through out the day and you have to make a sacrifice for something you are trying to achieve, the more focused on your goal you become. It really is putting my training first and foremost in more aspects of my life and this is good for me.

The other night I was making quinoa for dinner and made extra to have around for the days ahead. It was perfect because that next night I came home from work at 8:30 and was really hungry for dinner and had 0 motivation to actually make something. So I put together this little meal! I had the left over quinoa which I put a bit of cheddar cheese in and then defrosted some cooked shrimp and sauteed them in some mango chipotle sauce I had bought at Fresh Market. Then done! It was actually super good and very healthy.

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