Monday, October 17, 2011

Uncle Sam

When I am sick I generally only want to eat one of two things: cereal and mashed potatoes. I got this cold 6 days ago and I have not been blogging about much because I have not done much, besides this weekend. Workout wise though, I have been a major slacker. I start actual training again in about a week and in the last week my diet, training and sleep have been terrible. I hate this feeling and it reminds me why I love my normal, active lifestyle. I have found a new gem that I really like to eat and I polished off a box of this while I was sick:
This cereal is very very good. The only ingredients are whole wheat berry flakes, whole flaxseeds, salt and barley malt. It is made by Attune foods, doesn't have any GMOs and given the name, it is totally all American so that's fabulous.

ONE FLAW: the flaxseeds in the cereal sink to the bottom. So each time you eat this cereal shake it up!

Otherwise, I highly recommend it. Sometimes I put some agave on it:
I use agave instead of honey now because it has a lower glycemic index which means the carbs break down slower so the energy lasts longer! Yay. I like this brand and have gotten used to the flavor.

Hopefully I will find my motivation and energy again soon and have more workout oriented things to talk about!

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