Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Caterpillar....

Organic food is a good thin; pesticide free, no hormones or antibiotics, the list goes on. I had to make zucchini muffins last night to take to work so I bought 1 zucchini for those and 3 for my smoothies. Last night I used a zucchini in the muffins and this morning I was chopping one up for my smoothie...and look what I found! It was so gross. There was a small baby caterpillar sitting in a hole in the zucchini. One the outside there was a tiny hole he had drilled to get inside. I checked the rest of the zucchini immediately and didn't see any of his brothers or friends but it was nasty. I didn't let myself think about it as I dumped the rest of the veggie into my blender. The only worrisome part is I did not check the zucchini from last night for caterpillar holes. So if a coworker finds a crunchy surprise oops! Ha that's OK. I think the walnuts will cover them up :)

I probably should have written this after I finished my smoothie because now I just keep thinking about tiny worms in my straw. ew. At least they are chemical free!

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