Friday, October 14, 2011

New Couch..sort of

About 2 years ago I purchased a fabulous sofa from Habitat Restore for $50 that was upholstered in DENIM! Not dark denim or some cool shade but a very 80's worn blue denim. The couch was the right size and I had full intentions of paying to get it redone or redoing it myself immediately but I, of course, did not....until now! I came down with a cold and decided that while spending time on my denim couch recovering I could recover it. I purchased a lot of dark blue fabric from Hancock Fabrics (about 9 yards) at $3.99 a yard, bought some new staples for my staple gun, navy blue thread for my sewing machine and got going. Since I wasn't feeling well I would do a little work then pass out for 30 min, over and over till I was finished. As a reward I let myself spend ~$30 on materials for some throw pillows I really wanted to make. And voila! I am so happy that I finally did this and it was so inexpensive.
This is the couch in a halfway stage before I took a nap. You can see the beautiful shade of denim it started out in. 

The finished product! Pillows and all!

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