Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back in the Game...maybe

YAY! Major race over so time to relax? Not quite. If I was rich I would be done. Alas, I am not that one more race lies between me and the end of my long, fun, arduous season: the Corman Duathlon. Last year at this race I won $1,000. This year this feat will not be easy, again, but I have to try. I will have some really good competition there toeing the line with me. This race also highlights my weakest event, running, so I am dreading the burning to come and really the mental trickery I will need to employ to get myself going for this race. It is comprised of a 5K run, 18 mile bike ride, 5K run. The bike ride is quite hilly which is a plus for me. I have to smash the bike course to have the slightest chance of winning.

Today I had the following workout
7.5 miles as follows:
15 min warm up with 4 x 30sec speed bursts
     6X the following: 3 minutes under 6:30 min/mi pace
                                  1 minute walk
                                  2 minutes jog
    Cool down home

I am not a fast runner so for me this was a hard pace to hold for 3 minutes. If I had not done MCR's Pure Barre class 48 hours before I think I would have been much better off. My quads felt like thick non-yielding rubber when I started my warm up so I knew it would be ugly. It sure was. I am done now though! I had a really nice lunch at a new restaurant called The Local Taco. I just got the veggie plate that had lots of peppers, squash, zucchini and rice and beans. Tasty! The rest of the day was full of a love session with The Grid (esp on my poor thighs), zucchini bread making for some friends and babysitting.

I also stopped by Great Harvest Bread Co to pick up some of their mountain crunch bread. It is a wonderful food to have around for a snack and sandwich making. It is loaded with seeds and lovely wholesome ingredients.

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