Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Really? emO Bikers = STUPID

SSOOOO over the years I have become so pro-helmet that whenever I see a biker without one it makes me mad. I don't know if this is because it is against the law or because I am jealous that I can't ride to class without one (it's against my being). I feel like a total geek wearing one around town on my tween mountain bike but I also know how many idiots are driving on the road everyday and I am not taking that risk with my brain. Walking into UK classes knowing zero people is lame enough but doing so with a helmet in tow just screams nerd.

BUT I'm over it. I wear my helmet. Anyways, I was on my way to work today and stopped at a red light at a very busy intersection in Chevy Chase. All of a sudden this hipster comes blazing through the intersection turning left into the traffic just looking too uber cool to worry about cars. Cars are so yesterday....this guy had the whole outfit to a T and his bike was this baby blue track thing with these white wall tires. It was not a sight you couldn't stare at. I wanted to yell at him you idiot, you are not cool and where is your helmet and why are you not paying attention to traffic? I kept my mouth shut and drove on.

I never would have thought about him again but later this afternoon I was in the same area of town buying a baby gift for my best friend LAJ who is newly pregnant (!) and I heard a screeching sound outside the store and something that sounded like a skateboard falling. I didn't think it was anything but a minute later when I came outside the store there stood mister hipster, white wall tires, huge headphones around his neck and all. A woman was just climbing out of a Lexus SUV that had a dent along the side and a BABY BLUE scratch down 3 panels of the car. She said "Now, first are you OK and is your bike OK?" She was very curt which lead me to believe this was totally his fault. He was standing there and with a well placed limp and moan said "well my bike is DEFINITELY not ok and I don't even know about myself yet..." I wanted to punch him right there. I have no doubt he was zooming through the streets again and feeling way to gangster to notice the cars around him. I came so close to saying something but just walked away and let them have at it.

Moral: Eric Matthews said it best: "life's tough, get a helmet". I would rather look like a geek than pay to fix a Lexus or my face :)

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