Friday, September 30, 2011


Every morning either after a work out or before a long day I try to eat my eggs. I generally eat a ratio of 1 yolk per 3-4 egg whites. I add some cheddar cheese and scramble it up and it is de-lish. I accompany this with raisin bran and shredded wheat with skim milk and I love this morning routine because it is very filling and tasty. 

These eggs are from a family in Lexington. They live right in town and have about 25 chickens! I now buy my eggs from them and they are always excellent. Can't get more free range than that. They are all different colors and I learned that the color of the egg is dependent on the color of the chickens ear drum. Strange right? So although brown eggs look fancier and healthier, alas, they are not. All the eggs are nutritionally the same. It is really nice to know where they are coming from!

Tomorrow is the dreaded duathlon. I am going to need to mentally get into this if I don't want it to be a true suffer fest but I am so over this season. Ready for some cross training and gym time! Coach man did put some wonderful race wheels on my Scott and after I cleaned it this week it looks very fast and pretty. So I have that going for me! Race report to flow. Blah.

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Laura E. said...

This blog makes me so happy. I love and miss you! So proud of you Alya!