Monday, September 5, 2011

Post Race Fresh

Yesterday was the Tri for Sight. This is a great race right here in Lexington, KY. The turn out was awesome especially considering it was labor day weekend. The race was scheduled to go off at 7:15 so we headed over to the race at about 6. I always try to wake up 3 hours before an event so I got out of bed at ~4:45 and started to eat my Zone bar (my staple pre-race food) and drink G2 while packing up my stuff, which I had not done the night before. Oops! By the time it was ready to head to the race I had packed and finished some dry frosted flakes, my other pre-race snack.

The best part about local races is seeing so many familiar faces. Everyone was so friendly and excited I didn't even think about getting nervous. I got body marked, set up transition (with my bike on the outside of the rack for a quick get away) and slipped on my shoes for a nice wake up jog. LHA likes adding ninja kicks and parkor moves to his warm up but I stick with a nice steady pace because I am a wimp.

I was number 22 with a time trial swim start so getting into place I had quite a few people in front of me. The race got started on time and into the water I went. I felt way better than I thought I would and this might have been because it was so nice to be back in UK's pool after it was closed for the whole month of August! Through the first 300 I passed 3 people and reeled in 1 more. Halfway through the swim I looked down the pool and saw LHA pushing off and tried to pace myself with him down the lane. I was able to do this for 200 more till he got out of the pool. Right when my shoulders were verging on too tired I was done! I ran quickly to transition, which was pretty far, and got my helmet on, glasses on and was off. I met up with quite a few people in transition and exited around them. JM and I played leap frog for the first part of the bike ride but thanks to hills I was able to pull away from quite a few people. The bike ride was pretty uneventful and I just tried to keep the pace up and keep people that I passed behind me. I got passed back a few times but I was ok with this because they were large, fit guys and I needed to stay out of their drafting zone so I didn't get a penalty. Heading out to the run I felt pretty good and brought my Garmin along to try and keep my run splits fast. I was trying to go for a 6:40/mi average and ended up at 6:47 which I will accept since 47 is a lucky number for me and I honestly felt pretty decent the whole run.

The finish line felt great and I took home the win. I won a very fancy and heavy trophy and a great Kiwami gift certificate and a custom made-for-the-race necklace. Great loot! This was also the last race in the Kentucky Race Series and I was the winner for this so I got another very nice trophy and a gift certificate to Swim Bike Run of Kentucky from the door prizes.

Overall I was happy with the race. My focus was not on this race with Vegas so soon. All I can think about is that race! So it was nice to have fun before trying to make myself halfway serious while being extremely intimidated by fancy triathletes from all over the world. The land of compression gear is a scary one :)

I have been having calf problems and this was sore during the bike and run but I figure some massage should get me through Vegas. I had this same problem last year and know how to deal with it so I just need to be careful!

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