Sunday, September 25, 2011


Every triathlon magazine has at least one article about recovery or rest. I just read an article on slowtwitch that says more recovery is less training. Which is true but without recovery you can't train well. The article is here:

Myth of More Recovery

I think it is true that there can be too much recovery in some training plans because without stress on the body you cannot learn to cope and workout through tired muscles which is basically a race situation. There is a fine balance though because if you are tired/sore going into all of your workouts then your form will suffer and there is no point in training! Part of the reason I quite one of my jobs and am not taking classes is to spend more time recovering and to taking care of myself. The article does stress the importance of sleep and this is the main place I hope to make a change.

Last fall I was taking 2 classes and had 3 jobs. This was fine and dandy but when I added training into this schedule and a social life and applying to veterinary school it just didn't work. I think my new schedule will allow me to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night (which hardly happened last year) and even squeeze some naps in on some days. I am also upping my time stretching and eating properly since I am not rushing off to fit in the next activity. I can breath easy!

I am really excited to have my last race next weekend and then have the WHOLE MONTH of October to do whatever I want. It will be so much fun and hopefully make me miss training so I will be ready for what the winter has to bring.

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