Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just packed for Vegas and think I am ready to go. Had to say goodbye to SHS and am sad she and JCS are not going but someone has to take care of my neph-fur! I also know they will be very good cheerleaders from home. Hopefully there will be something good to cheer for...waah waah. My bike is all packed up and ready to head to Vegas with my sister. She is taking it on her flight because Southwest only charges $50 each way for a bike!!! Such a great deal.

I packed all of my stuff (I hope) for both a regular trip and for racing. It is a tough checklist to get through but I just visualize myself race morning through the finish line to make sure I have all of my racing essentials. The forecast is now calling for t-storms on Sunday and Monday which would be unfortunate BUT with them comes cooler temps. So I will take the risk. I already packed my wetsuit just in case this happened! A wetsuit legal swim would be great for me because although I have gotten better in the water I would still majorly benefit from the flotation.

The only bummer is I could not fit my aero helmet anywhere safely so I will be carrying it on with me like a true dweeb. At least it will match my compression tights.

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